How to Make a Vision Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is well-known for its unique setup that allows users to “pin” and save photographs they enjoy or relate to, but what about using these pins as motivation?

Vision boards are a relatively new concept where you create a “board” of things you want in your future. These boards can be broad or specific, short-term or long-term, and as detailed as you’d like!

They’re a fantastic way to set yourself up for success in the new year and it’s easier to do than you’d think. Let’s talk about how to make a vision board on Pinterest.

Step 1: Pick a vision board topic

Your first step is to determine what you want your vision board to be about.

Are you creating a vision board for your general future? For your educational future? Your career? Your health? All of the above?

You can absolutely do one colossal board, but you should at least organize such a topic into time frames!

Step 2: Determine the length of your vision board

Is this a vision board for your immediate future (within the next year)? Is it for a longer time frame such as 1-5 years? Is it for your retirement?

What’s fun about vision boards is they are under your full control. You could make a vision board on several topics across different time frames.

Make one for your immediate future and make one that’s your 1-5 years and 5-10 years from now!

Step 3: Figure out what you want within each topic

Let’s make things easy and say you are creating a vision board for your 1-year future in regards to your career as a small business owner.

What does 1 year into the future look like to you?

Best case scenario! It might include,

  • An income amount
  • Consistent sales
  • Paying off debt/loans
  • Making bank deposits
  • Owning your first office
  • Having your first big partnership

It may also include none of those things. Figure out what you want within this topic. What do you want your future to look like in 1 years’ time?

Step 4: Create a vision board on Pinterest

Now, we get to the fun part of learning how to make a vision board on Pinterest! Your first step in this process is to create the board itself.

It’s just like creating any other board on Pinterest, but if this is your first board, here’s a quick how-to!

  • Open up your Pinterest app and sign in to your account
  • Find any pin that you want to keep (literally anything, don’t overthink it)
  • Click the pin button on that post
  • Click “create board”
  • Label your board whatever you want your vision board to be called!
  • Hit save

Now you have a board to start saving pins for your vision board on Pinterest!

Step 5: Use hashtags to find pins

Now that you have a place to store your pins and you know what you want on this board, you can go ahead and start exploring the world of Pinterest!

Your first step should be to figure out which hashtags relate to what you’re trying to pin to your vision board. The closer related the hashtag is to the topic, the better pins you will find.

For example, sticking with our small business board here, let’s say you want to start pinning things relating to high income or increases in sales.

Some hashtags that would likely lead to pins you’d want to save could be:

  • Money
  • Sales
  • Small business
  • Success
  • Income
  • $30k (or any number, dream big, make it a million!)
  • Etsy sales
  • Business sales
  • Income increase

You could also consider the other side of this specific topic. If you’re income increases and you get more sales, how would that translate into your life? What would you be able to do if this were to happen?

Some popular hashtags for this could be:

  • Pay off debt
  • Debt-free
  • New house
  • Apartment
  • Moving
  • Office
  • Travel

You’d determine what this change would bring you, how it would look in your life outside of just more money in the bank. Pin these things. Determine what you’d want and pin it!

Step 6: Save each pin and then organize

Once you have some pins on that board, it’s best to go through it and be sure what’s in there is actually what you want. Take a scroll through and remove anything that doesn’t serve you or that you think may belong in a different vision board on Pinterest!

That’s it!

Learning how to make a vision board on Pinterest is a fairly easy task. The most difficult part is deciding what you want this vision board to be about, but that’s completely up to you!

Try to keep your boards organized by topic and length of time and enjoy daydreaming about the future!

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