How to Unhide Something on Pinterest

Sometimes, we get so excited scrolling and pinning and making pages that we accidentally hit a wrong button. In this case, we’re talking about accidentally hiding something.

Most people accidentally hide a pin or the Pinterest button itself, but this isn’t permanent! So, how do you unhide something on Pinterest?

Depending on what you have hidden, there are a few ways you can go about unhiding something on Pinterest. Sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting your phone settings, other times you may have to reach out to Pinterest themselves and ask for assistance. Let’s break it all down!

What does it mean to “hide” something on Pinterest?

Before we get into how to unhide something on Pinterest, we need to briefly explain what hiding something on Pinterest actually means.

You can hide something on Pinterest by accident or on purpose, but keep in mind that hiding something is completely different than making something private. When you hide a pin on Pinterest, unlike other social media apps, the pin disappears forever. That pin will not go to some board of “hidden pins”. You will no longer be able to see it.

However, if you’re looking to hide one of your pins temporarily, you would want to make them private instead of actually hiding them. Making them private puts them into their own folder of private pins that only you can see if they still appear on your page, your viewers can’t see them.

How to unhide a hidden pin on Pinterest

When you hide a pin on Pinterest, you are making the choice to remove something from public view permanently. This is something that cannot be undone (most of the time).

Pinterest will tell you that once it’s done, it’s done, the pins are gone. However, you do have two options to attempt to retrieve the hidden pins.

If you click the “hide pin” button by accident, you can unhide the hidden pin on Pinterest if you immediately click the undo button. You have to do this right away though before the pin disappears. It is a fast process, but it is possible.

Chances are if you’re reading this article though, you likely didn’t click the undo button in time and are looking for some alternate options.

There is one, but it does not guarantee a solution.

You can reach out to Pinterest and inform them of what happened and which pin was hidden. They can potentially unhide the hidden pin for you pending how long it has been.

How to unhide hidden comments on Pinterest

This topic is a bit…misleading, as you cannot actually “hide” a comment on Pinterest. If you’ve noticed that a comment you made or someone else made is suddenly gone, it means you or someone else has deleted the comment.

For example, if you left a comment on someone’s pin and then suddenly it’s not there, that likely means you accidentally deleted it. It may also mean that someone reported your comment and Pinterest has temporarily taken it down for inspection. Reach out to Pinterest for further information on why it may have been flagged.

This concept also applies to comments left on your pins by other people. If that comment has suddenly disappeared, it likely means the account owner deleted the comment. This cannot be undone.

How to unhide the Pinterest button

If you’ve noticed the Pinterest button is no longer on your device’s home screen, there are a few reasons this could be the case.

  • You deleted the app
  • You hid the Pinterest button
  • Your phone glitched and deleted the app for you (believe it or not, this does happen!)

If you’ve deleted the app or your phone has deleted the app, you can simply redownload it and problem solved! However, if you’ve gone to the app store and noticed the app is still showing as downloaded, you can follow the steps below on how to unhide the Pinterest button!

  • Go to your phone’s settings section
  • Click on the tab that says “apps”
  • Find the Pinterest app (most phones alphabetize this section to make it easier!)
  • Click the Pinterest app
  • Click the “unhide” button
  • Your app should reshow on your device at the end of all your other apps (it will not reappear in the spot it disappeared from!).

    How to unhide something on Pinterest comes down to what was hidden and why it was hidden. You also need to determine if something was hidden or if something was deleted as this determines whether or not it is recoverable.

    If you’ve hidden a pin on Pinterest by accident, immediately click the undo button! If it’s been too long, reach out to Pinterest and see if they can be of assistance but keep in mind, they may not.

    Lastly, follow the step-by-step guide to unhide the Pinterest button on your device if it seems to have gone missing. Don’t worry, your pinning obsession is still intact and now you get to play catch up and nobody can judge you for it!

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