How to Setup a Second Pinterest Account

Is your Pinterest account getting a little crowded? Have you decided to start a new business and need a second Pinterest account? These are a couple of common reasons that Pinterest users look into how to set up a second Pinterest account these days.

Luckily, setting up a second Pinterest account is quite simple!

How to set up a second Pinterest account:

If you currently have a personal account but want to establish another, you can do so by entering a different email address.

After you’ve created your accounts, you may link them together using the methods below to make switching between them a breeze.

  • Go to your own Pinterest account and sign in.
  • Click the directional chevron down symbol in the top-right corner of your screen, then click Add account.
  • Create a new personal account by clicking Create under the Create a new personal account heading.
  • Please enter your email address. Make a password and fill in your age.
  • Proceed by clicking the Continue button.
  • If you’d want to alter your name, click the edit icon and then Next.
  • Choose how you want to be recognized.
  • From the dropdown menus, choose your language and country/region.
  • Choose five or more topics.
  • After that, click Done.

This new account can be a personal account or a Pinterest Business account!

How to Merge Pinterest Accounts

In the sense of combining multiple Pinterest accounts into one singular account, there is no way to merge either personal or business Pinterest accounts.

You may create as many Pinterest accounts as you like, but each one will require a separate email address. You can deactivate or remove undesired Pinterest accounts if you don’t want to retain several accounts.

However, merely canceling a Pinterest account will prevent the connected email from being used with another account. To free up the email address, the account must be permanently terminated.

Consider changing the username and clearing out all the boards and Pins instead of canceling the account.

How to Link Pinterest Accounts

“Linking” Pinterest accounts is different than merging them. Linking applies to adding an existing Pinterest account you have to your login tab so that you can seamlessly switch between accounts with the tap of a button!

The following steps let you add a linked account:

  • Log into your personal Pinterest account.
  • Click the directional chevron down icon in the top-right corner to open your menu.
  • Select Add account.
  • Under Connect existing account, click Connect account.
  • Enter your email and password for the other account then click Log in or click Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google.
  • Click Log in.

You’ll be logged in to the linked account and that account will remain under your login tab as an option for easy switching in the future!

How to Switch Between Linked Account

You can have up to four Pinterest personal accounts under your login tab to switch between.

As long as you’re using the same browser session, you can move between accounts. If you clear your cache and cookies or go to a new device or browser, you won’t be able to switch accounts.

Switching is simple:

  • Click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner (if you’re on a mobile device, you’ll click your profile picture icon then click “switch account”.
  • Click on one of your other accounts to switch to that account.

Can You Have Two Pinterest Accounts with The Same Email?

Users cannot register multiple accounts with the same email address on Pinterest. Only one Pinterest account may be linked to any email address at any given time.

Unlike Facebook, which has the idea of a personal account that controls any business pages made beneath it, this is not the case for Pinterest.

Your personal Pinterest accounts do not control your business accounts. They need their own email addresses.

If you want to register two Pinterest business accounts because you have two websites, you’ll need to utilize two distinct emails.

Separately, both business accounts are checked!


Having multiple Pinterest accounts may sound like an overwhelming concept, but it’s actually quite beneficial for users with numerous aesthetics or businesses.

Pinterest makes it easy for users to have multiple accounts by allowing them the option to link accounts to the login tab for easy switching.

Pinners who assist in managing other users’ Pinterest accounts also like the functionality that allows them to log into numerous accounts by linking them to one login area as it helps keep their pages organized!

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