How to Search for Someone on Pinterest

You know those moments where you know someone has a Pinterest account, but you have no idea what their Pinterest name is? It’s extremely frustrating and disheartening, especially when this person is hard to get in contact with!

This leaves many people wondering how to search for someone on Pinterest.

Luckily, there are alternate methods for finding someone on Pinterest when you don’t know their username. You could use their email or even their phone number. However, these methods are only successful if that person has enabled such “lookup” option on their account.

It’s always worth a try though!

How to find someone on Pinterest using their email

One of the most effective ways to find someone on Pinterest is by using their email address. The reason this may be your best bet is that most people open their Pinterest accounts by using their email addresses to set up the account.

This adds their email to their contact section automatically, even when they change their Pinterest name or username.

In order to find someone on Pinterest using their email, you do first need to know their email address!

Got that covered already? Perfect. Moving forward.

You’ll open up the Pinterest app on your mobile device or you can pull it up in your laptop browser. Once you’ve done this, you’ll type the email address in the search box. If their email address is connected to their account, the account will pull up with no problem!

However, if their email address is not connected, the account will not pull up. You will likely instead be shown a list of random pins that somehow relate to that email address.

How to find someone on Pinterest using their phone number

If you’ve tried the email method (or you don’t know the email) and it didn’t work, you do have another option. If you happen to know their phone number, you can use this to try and find them. What you’ll do is similar to the method for the email address. Follow the step-by-step guide below!

  • Open Pinterest on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer
  • Go to the search bar
  • Type in the phone number in question
  • Await results!

If the phone number is attached to an account, that user’s account will pull up. There is a lower probability that the person you’re looking for has their account set up to their phone number. However, it is still possible and worth giving a try!

How to find someone on Pinterest with a partial username

If you happen to know a piece of their username or think you know their username, but it may not be exactly right, this can be beneficial.

Pinterest is designed to take the usernames you put in the search bar and show you accounts of similar names, not just the original name.

Let’s say you know the username is something like “woodenhandcrafts” but you know that’s not exactly right. You can type that username into the search bar and Pinterest will then show you accounts that have pieces of that in their account name!

This is usually an easy way to find accounts you don’t know the name of if you’re willing to do a bit of scrolling!

How to find someone on Pinterest using hashtags

Probably the most difficult method for finding someone on Pinterest is trying to do so using hashtags. This is the most difficult because there are so many hashtags out there and even more pins under each of those hashtags.

In order to find a specific account, you really have to know what their account is about and what hashtags they may use.

In order to do this, take the time to think about the person or the account. What do they promote? What are they offering? What is their personality? Then determine what hashtags would make sense for this person to use on their account. For example, if they are a fashion account, they’ll likely use hashtags like “2021 fashion” “fall fashion”, “fashion trends”, etc.

You’ll search these hashtags in the search box in an attempt to find someone on Pinterest that you don’t know the account name of. The hard part here is that there are thousands of people who are going to use those hashtags. You’re going to have to sift through all of the pins until you determine if the account has popped up. This is the most difficult option, but it is an option if you really need to find someone on Pinterest.

How to search for someone on Pinterest comes down to a few factors. If you don’t know the username, that’s okay, you still have a shot at finding them!

Try searching their email address first as this is the most likely solution. If that doesn’t work, give their phone number a try or try searching for a similar username.

The worst that can happen is you don’t find them and that’s okay! You can always try again, but between these 4 methods, you’ll likely find exactly what you’re looking for!

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