How to Monetize Pinterest Traffic

Picture this: You’ve just hit your goal for followers on Pinterest, more than half of your viewership is monetized, and you’re bringing in well-over your intended goal for side income. You were able to pay off your credit cards, loans, or make a down payment on a new apartment.

Sound refreshing? Sound like something you desire? Well, it could be you when you learn how to monetize Pinterest traffic. Monetizing Pinterest traffic is something every Pinterest account needs to look into, otherwise, you’re sitting on cash.

In order to monetize your Pinterest traffic, however, there are a few steps you need to follow first!

Create a website for your business

Believe it or not, the most important step in learning how to monetize Pinterest traffic is creating a website for your business.

The reason is, when you move on to the following steps, you’ll be asked to input your business domain. Whereas you do not need one, it helps Pinterest verify you as a legitimate business and this will put you in much better standing with the algorithm!

There are numerous website development platforms that can help you create your business website in a matter of minutes! The most popular are WordPress and Wix, but you can use anyone that you like or hire someone to create a website from scratch using professional HTML codes!

You want your business website to be user-friendly, eye-catching, and informative and you want all of this to be apparent quickly! Let’s be honest, people have short attention spans, they don’t want to scroll all over your site looking for information.

They want the most important bits right there in front of them on the homepage, so keep that in mind when developing your website!

Create a business account

Whether you’ve been on Pinterest for years or are brand new to the platform, you have to make your Pinterest account a business account. This is required for monetization purposes. To turn your “just for fun” account into a business account:

  • Log in to your Pinterest account
  • Click your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click the down arrow next to your icon
  • Click “settings”
  • Click “account settings” within the menu that appears (on a desktop it will be on the left-hand side)
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Click “Convert to a business account”
  • Follow the steps and click submit!

Pinterest will have you create a business name, determine your goals for using Pinterest Business, whether or not you’re interested in advertising, etc.

Link your socials

If you did not do so in the set-up process above, now is the time to link your socials and stores in order to monetize Pinterest traffic. Pinterest will use the links to display data to your socials that will help divert traffic from them to your Pinterest, which will, in turn, generate leads for your business.

This generation of leads is what leads to monetizing.

Play around with Pinterest Ads

The purpose of the first few steps above is to drive traffic from Pinterest to your business website, which leads to revenue. However, you can also monetize Pinterest traffic through the use of varying ad platforms.

For example, Pinterest Ads works solely within the Pinterest community. You set a budget to create an Ad for your Pinterest business account and Pinterest then helps you create the advertisement.

There is a monthly fee, but the budget for the Ad space can change month to month, it’s your choice!

This is a fantastic way to help drive traffic to your Pinterest business account, which then leads to you being able to monetize your Pinterest traffic.

Take advantage of Google AdSense

Also, consider playing around with Google AdSense once you have a registered domain name for your business website.

AdSense displays ads on your business website for products and services from companies that are similar to yours.

When a visitor clicks on the ad, you earn a commission. The more traffic you draw to your Pinterest business account, the more visitors you’ll have on your business website, which then turns into people clicking on ads and generating revenue.

Again, a phenomenal method for being able to monetize Pinterest traffic.

How to get more traffic on Pinterest

Of course, you can’t monetize Pinterest traffic if you don’t first have traffic. Even if you do have some traffic, it never hurts to have more!

The more traffic you have, the more you can monetize. So, let’s talk about a few methods for how to get more traffic on Pinterest.

  • Organize your Pinterest business account so that it is eye-catching and appealing to visitors.
  • Change your tags. Tags are #1 method in obtaining Pinterest traffic. They are how people on Pinterest find your account. Make sure you are using tags that are highly searched within your niche. This will help you get more traffic on Pinterest.
  • Advertise your Pinterest account on other social media platforms. If you’re just starting out on Pinterest, but you know you have a significant following on Instagram, drive some of that traffic to Pinterest! If you don’t share about it, nobody knows it exists!

Learning how to monetize Pinterest traffic is rather simple. All you need is a business website, a Pinterest business account, and traffic generated to both of those places!

You can drive traffic to your Pinterest business account and your business website by taking advantage of tags, sharing on social media, and getting involved in ad space on Pinterest! Once you start, you’re sure to be drawing in extra revenue in no time!

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