How To Get More Email Subscribers on Pinterest Who Become Loyal Fans

Pinterest is a massive search engine that business owners can utilize to create targeted visitors and expand their email lists.

Some people consider it to be the second most used search engine behind Google.

This platform provides users with the ability to connect with thousands of people on a daily basis solely by posting pictures and tags of things viewers users are interested in. This begs the question, how can users get more email subscribers on Pinterest who then become loyal fans?

In this piece, you’ll learn seven tried-and-true techniques to get started with Pinterest and see your stats skyrocket, leading to a greater turnaround in email subscribers becoming long-term fans!

Step 1: Nail Down Your Niche

When someone clicks on your pin and views your post on Pinterest, if it’s well-written and valuable, they’ll stick around to see if you have any other fantastic content on a related topic.

However, if you want to capture and maintain their interest, they must quickly comprehend your specialization.

When thinking about your specialty, decide whether to focus on one core issue or one core demographic. It’s best to stick to one niche when first starting a Pinterest account in order to gain viewership.

From there, you can expand after you’ve created a report with your viewers!

Step 2: Use a Lead Magnet where Applicable

A lead magnet is an appealing offer that is one of the finest strategies to capture your Pinterest visitors.

A lead magnet is an opt-in enticement given to visitors in return for their email address, and it’s incredibly beneficial to your target market.

Your free service will usually assist them in solving a problem about which they are eager to learn more. If this is possible for your business, it’s highly recommended as it entices buyers and viewers to stick around.

However, if it isn’t something you can or don’t want to offer, you do not have to!

Step 3: Start Offering Content Upgrades

Lead magnets are a terrific method to get more subscribers, but content upgrades can also help you grow your email list.

A content upgrade is a bribe for a specific post tied to the post’s substance. It’s often used on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to create a report with other users and generate viewers quickly.

Because most Pinterest visitors arrive at your site via a blog post, content improvements are the most effective strategy to expand your email list utilizing Pinterest.

Step 4: Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

You might ask yourself if Pinterest is good for SEO and we can assure you that it is!

There are various methods to use Pinterest to expand your email list, but it all starts with a well-designed SEO profile. And great content!

To begin, you’ll need to create a Pinterest Business account. After that, you’ll fill in your company bio and name.

Use keywords in your bio and name that are SEO friendly so that your name appears on the first page of results when people search on Pinterest.

Step 5: Incentivize Your Pins

Your pins have the potential to reach tens of thousands of people. Incentivizing your pin is a simple approach to convert a percentage of these pinners into subscribers.

This means demonstrating to pinners that your pin leads to more than just a blog article; it’s jam-packed with helpful information.

Please bear in mind that you have to know what a rich pin is on Pinterest and how to correctly use them. After that, you can start working!

Step 6: Join Pinterest Group Boards that are relevant to you

The ability to join group boards in your niche is one of the best features of Pinterest.

Your pins can be seen by many people on group boards, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Another advantage of being a member of many group boards is the chance to pin frequently during the day. You can start with five and work your way up to 30 or more.
How to find group boards on Pinterest

How to find group boards on Pinterest

  • Send an email to the person who owns the group board.
  • Comment on the Most Recent Pin of the Group Board Owner.

Step 7: Invest in a tool that automates the pinning process

For most bloggers and entrepreneurs, promoting content on Pinterest or any other social media site takes a lot of time and effort.

While you can delegate this duty to a virtual assistant or a social media marketing manager, if you’re a bootstrapped entrepreneur who can’t let go of control, it’s time to invest in an automated solution.

You can save time and not have to worry about being online 24/7 to keep your account active and hit those optimal pinning times for your audience if you use a tool to do all of your pins.

Another important thing that you should learn during investing in this method is how to unhide a hidden pin on Pinterest.

If your pinning is automated, the time you spent setting up your opt-in rewards and incentivized pins on your blog will help drive traffic to your site and, ultimately, additional email subscribers.

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