How to Grow Your Pinterest Following

Pinterest is all about finding new things and becoming inspired. That means it’s not just a fantastic method to interact with existing clients, but it’s also a great site to attract new followers—especially now that Pinterest has surpassed 450 million monthly active users.

More than 70% of Pinners use Pinterest to discover new businesses, and 78% find brand content beneficial.

When we consider Pinterest’s sales potential, it’s safe to conclude that it’s the most popular purchasing site among millennials, which makes understanding how to gain more Pinterest followers even more valuable.

Follow on as we look into ways to grow your Pinterest following.

Top 5 Ways to Get More Followers On Pinterest

1. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

The first step in gaining Pinterest followers is to optimize your profile. You want to attract Pinterest users who will interact with your Pins by clicking on them, saving them, and leaving comments.

To guarantee that your Pinterest audience enjoys your Pins, utilize SEO keyword optimization to ensure that your profile is found by the correct Pinterest users.

The same terms that your search marketing team utilized to boost your website’s search visibility may be used to achieve the same on Google and Pinterest.

2. Find Out What Your Target Audience Likes

Users often follow other users on Pinterest because they enjoy the Pins they share.

On Pinterest, look for your competition. Examine any account that shows at the top of search results for your desired keywords and phrases, in addition to your conventional market competitors.

Look for suitable interest categories among the users whose material shows at the top.

You’re seeking the sorts of Pinterest posts that your target customers or audience are most interested in, including both original and popular content shares or repins.

You should also look at the frequency with which your major competitors publish and their posting schedules. These may be used as inspiration for your Pinterest content strategy, board organization, and profile bio writing. This is a key way to grow your Pinterest following.

3. Engage with What’s Popular

Browse the Popular feed to see what’s already working well on Pinterest. Take notes, look for commonalities, and think about how you may apply these concepts to your work.

Consider re-Pinning to one of your boards, following the user, or leaving a thoughtful remark when you come across great information. All of these activities will boost the visibility of your brand on Pinterest.

But be careful not to overdo it. If there are too many comments, they may be marked as spam. Instead, concentrate on penning a few genuine statements that go beyond one- or two-word responses.

4. Follow Your Competitor’s Follower

Your waiting time may never end closely if all you do is sit and wait for followers to come around.

Strategically following your competitor’s followers is a great way to get followers.

Because you and your competition have similar target audiences, it’s likely that if they followed your competitor, they’ll follow you as well.

Here’s a swift method to finding competitors:

In the search field, look for phrases that may appear on your competitors’ profiles. If your material is about clothing, for example, you may look up “clothing tips”.

Click on “People” from the four different options that’ll surface.

Anyone with the terms “cloth”, “clothing”, or a similar phrase in their profile will appear in the “People” section.

Begin by going through the profiles of your competitors one after the other. You may then start to follow people who follow them, and you’ll notice that many of them will eagerly return the favor.

5. Stand Out with Beautiful Visuals

The best-performing pins, according to Pinterest, have three characteristics: they’re attractive, fascinating, and actionable. That’s the order.

Because Pinterest is primarily a visual medium, make sure your photographs are appealing.

Here are a few Pinterest image suggestions:

  • Use visuals that are excellent in resolution and quality.
  • Pinterest recommends using lifestyle photos, which are more appealing than traditional product shots.
  • Overly busy images should be avoided.
  • Vertically oriented pictures are preferred to horizontally-oriented photos. Because so many people use Pinterest on their phones, vertical photos have a far greater impact.
  • Make sure your illustrations aren’t too long or they’ll be chopped off. 2:3 is the optimal aspect ratio (1000px wide x 1500px high).
  • Consider using a single Pin to display numerous products. Pinterest has discovered that Pins featuring several items can appeal to a variety of preferences and pick people’s attention. To avoid being overwhelmed, stick to a four-product maximum per Pin.
  • Make a video! Short clips can stand out amid even the greatest images if you have the tools.

When it comes to growing your Pinterest following, your best bet is to use SEO strategies, engage with your followers, follow your competitors’ followers, and follow the popular feed items on Pinterest.

You’re sure to see your following increase with time and patience!

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