How to Disclose Affiliate Links on Pinterest

One of the biggest money-making side hustles today is to get involved in affiliate marketing programs. They come with very little work and are ideal for anyone advertising or even running their business through Pinterest.

Many people, us included, have signed up for affiliate link programs with varying companies, but sometimes we don’t always know how to get the word out there!

Disclosing affiliate links on Pinterest can be done in varying formats. You can post links in your bio, make dedicated posts, or film short video clips. There is no “wrong” way to go about disclosing affiliate links, there is only not doing it! Let’s break down the most effective ways to disclose affiliate links on Pinterest.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are…well…links, to products or services that you feature on your page. These products and services come from companies that you have signed up to be an affiliate partner with.

The link that you are given is specific to you as the affiliate. It will send whoever clicks on it to a page where they can purchase the service or product. When someone does so, you as the affiliate earn a small commission, but only if they purchase the product or service in the link.

How do you sign up to be an affiliate?

Signing up to be an affiliate marketer takes very little time. What can take a bit is the company’s determining if you’ve been approved or not, but don’t worry, most people are approved!

Your first step in signing up to be an affiliate is to determine what companies you’d like to market for. Since you’ll be disclosing these affiliate links on Pinterest, you’ll want to focus on companies that sell products or services that relate to your viewers’ interests.

Once you determined the companies you’re interested in, you’ll need to find out if they have affiliate programs.

Most of the time, this information is displayed at the bottom of their website homepage where you’d find the contact or careers button. However, not all companies advertise their program so definitely reach out to the companies directly as well.

If they do have an affiliate programs link, click it! You’ll be asked to fill out a form about yourself and your website, maybe also your following, etc. You’ll submit that form and wait for them to determine if you’re a good fit!

How to disclose affiliate links on Pinterest

So… you’ve been accepted into some affiliate marketing programs, amazing! Now you get to disclose the link on your Pinterest account and start earning that affiliate benefit! There are a few ways that you can disclose your affiliate links on Pinterest.

Disclose them in your bio

Some people choose to disclose affiliate links on Pinterest by adding the links to their bio section. This is the least involved way to go about being an affiliate partner. Your only job is to copy/paste the link into your bio with the title of the product or service.

That’s it.

Whereas this is the simplest way, it is not the most effective and will likely not lead to very many commissions. The reason being you are not actively advertising the link. The following method for disclosing affiliate links on Pinterest is a bit more involved and successful!

Create dedicated Pinterest posts

When you are an affiliate and you have a link that you’d like your viewers/followers to click, you have to let them know that the link is there. You have to play the role of a salesperson a bit and convince your audience that they need this product or service.

One way of doing so is by creating a dedicated Pinterest post (photo or video) that contains the link in the description of the photo.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Choose a photo or create a short video that is dedicated to or at least talks about the product/service you are affiliated with.
  • Create your post and write an enticing description underneath the post that includes the affiliate link.
  • Let your followers know that this is not a sponsorship, rather a direct link to the product or service.
  • If you want, you can inform your followers that you get a small commission if they use your link. Transparency is always best, but not required for affiliate links.

That’s it! It’s recommended to post about your affiliate links once a week in order to keep the product or service in the view of your followers.

Check with the companies that you are partnered with regarding whether or not they want you to add the hashtag #ad to any content you post about them. Some companies do and others don’t care at all, but in order to avoid getting into trouble and losing your affiliate partnership, check first!

When it’s time to disclose affiliate links on Pinterest, make sure you’ve chosen links that your viewers are likely to find interest in. Create dedicated posts or at least posts where you can incorporate the service/product into your description. Then all you have to do is post the links and watch the commissions roll in!

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