How to Make Money on Pinterest with AdSense

Did you know that Pinterest is good for more than just people who like creating dozens of boards on specific niches of life because of their compartmentalized way of thinking?

Was that a little aggressive…sorry, but it’s true!

Believe us, we would know. However, it is actually possible to make money while you pin, but how?

Making money on Pinterest is possible in a few different ways, but we’re going to focus on AdSense for right now. AdSense is a separate platform that works in similar ways to affiliate marketing, but you don’t have to actually promote specific products.

The ads do the work for you. Still confused?

Let’s break it down and explain how to make money on Pinterest with AdSense.

What is AdSense for Pinterest?

AdSense is a Google-run platform for businesses and bloggers (in this case, Pinterest users). The purpose of AdSense is to generate revenue for the individual’s business by displaying ads on their Pinterest page. When visitors click on the ads (even if they don’t purchase anything the ad is displaying), the Pinterest account owner receives a commission.

Ads for your Pinterest site are chosen through Google’s analytical servers and are based upon what your Pinterest business account is about and what your visitors are likely to be intrigued by.

For example, if you run a travel blog through Pinterest, you’ll likely see ads for blogging websites, airplane or hotel booking sites, even camera or laptop ads. The ads are never bulky or out of place and often hang out along the sidelines of your Pinterest account homepage. However, you may occasionally get a video ad that pops up, but they’re often small and can be ex’d out by your visitors if needed (note that clicking the “x” does not count as clicking on the ad and will not result in revenue).

Sometimes, advertisers will pay you if your visitors allow the video ad to play all the way through even if they don’t click on it. It just depends on the company!

How do I download Google AdSense to my Pinterest?

The process of adding Google AdSense to your Pinterest account is rather simple. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be bringing in revenue in no time!

  • Go to the Google AdSense homepage and click “get started”
  • Choose which google email address you want to use (if you do not have a google email, you need to create one first)
  • Fill in the small form that pops up. It won’t take you more than a minute!
  • Provide Google with the information about your site that it asks.
  • Connect your website to AdSense
  • Watch the money flow in with time!

How much can I make with Google AdSense on Pinterest?

The amount of money you can make varies depending on your Pinterest business niche. AdSense pays its hosts with a CPC (cost per click) based on what the company being advertised is willing to pay Google to connect their ad to your website.

On average, that CPC number is split 50/50 with you. So, if the CPC for an Ad is $6, you’ll make $3 when someone clicks on it. CPC numbers range anywhere from $0.20 to $16.

If you’re starting a Pinterest business account solely to make significant side income rather than to promote a specific business, your best bet is to focus on niches that advertisers pay well in such as insurance or online education.

However, even smaller niches can make significant income if they develop a following!

Your best bet is to create a business website using AdSense on that website. You’ll then draw visitors to your website by using Pinterest! The more people you draw from Pinterest, the more likely your ads are to be clicked on.

How can I make more money with AdSense on Pinterest?

If you’re noticing a low turnaround rate in your AdSense profile, there are a few areas you can focus on to increase your revenue.

  • Make sure the ads being displayed on your site are ones your followers would like to see. This can be altered by adjusting what you’re telling Google AdSense your Pinterest business account is about.
  • Pay attention to what your followers are searching for and how they’re finding your website. Use this information to adjust your AdSense profile page to get ads that are appropriate for your audience.
  • Increase your viewers/followers. The more people you have visiting your Pinterest account and maybe even being redirected to your website’s home page, the more likely you are to earn revenue. You need visitors to…well…visit in order for them to see your ads and (hopefully) give them a click!
  • Reference the ads being displayed in your content. This does turn into a little more of the affiliate marketing side, but it may draw visitors to click on your ads!

Using AdSense to make money on Pinterest is a phenomenal method. AdSense helps businesses earn some side revenue simply by allowing them to post their ads on your website.

All you have to do is tell AdSense what your business is about so they can display ads that your visitors would enjoy and likely click on. You’re then paid on a CPC ratio and boom, side income!

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