About Pinfinite Traffic

We don’t want to label ourselves but if we had to, we guess we’re entrepreneurs, designers, parents, and copywriters.

But really we are just regular folks who love working for ourselves.

We also love Netflix.

Here are some more facts about us:

  • We created Mastering Pin Traffic, a digital course that teaches you how to grow your traffic and email list using Pinterest.
  • We are a tiny group of passionate entrepreneurs who believe in sharing what we’ve learned to help others accomplish their goals.
  • We are not fancy, we like to keep things simple and straightforward. That’s what our website reflects.
  • We like to write about growing your online income, mainly using Pinterest, but we share other ways to grow your blog, sales, and email list.
  • We also like to provide Resources to help you in your digital journey to conquer your goals.

Pinfinite Traffic brings the power of Pinterest to you. You can learn a lot about how to grow your online business using Pinterest.

About This Website

This website runs on WordPress.

Everything is focused on super-fast load times, simple design, ease of reading, efficiency, oh and managing our own course content on the backend.

You are getting a clean and nicely tuned experience without all the clutter and fancy images or gimmicky sales and marketing tactics.